Accident attorneys are people we would rather not need ever in our lives, but there are times we unfortunately do. Especially accident attorney Atlanta GA, a state where the number of accident per year keeps on rising not only because of the increasingly stressful time we live in but also the additional things that deconcentrate us while driving (conversations, texting, street marketing, etc.). All of these additionally increase the risk of accidents happening, requiring us to be more cautious not only as drivers but also as participants of the traffic.

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And when that unfortunate event happens, there are so many things that will be running through your mind that the whole legal process will be the last thing you will want to bother with. But, the complexity of accidents and injuries caused by those accidents is something rarely someone outside of the legal industry can deal with.

This is why it’s important to have an accident attorney Atlanta GA by your side if that event happens. An accident attorney Atlanta GA can do a number of things for you and help you in ways you wouldn’t even think they could. Though there are some cases when an accident attorney Atlanta GA is not needed for your case, and those cases will be covered in this article too.


An accident attorney Atlanta GA is a professional that has the knowledge and expertise of the accident injury laws and jurisdiction and can aid you in many ways, such as:

Guide you through the process

Not many people know what needs to be done after the accident happens. There are different procedures for different types of accident that require different types of documents to be filled in, things that might confuse you and cause additional stress you don’t need. But an accident attorney Atlanta GA can be the person that helps you find your way through all the legal process, tell you what needs to be done and support you until the case is closed.

Connect you with medical professionals

Because accident attorneys deal with accidents on a daily basis, they are often familiar with experts from different fields that can help you. This can be doctors, brokers, appraisers, mechanics or any other person you might be in need of.

Do an independent investigation

Often, insurance companies hire their own team of professionals to do the investigation on how a certain accident happened, what were the conditions and whose fault it is for the accident happening. Because this represents a risk for you, an accident attorney Atlanta GA is needed so they can do their own independent investigation on the circumstances of the event, so you can be sure you’re not getting the short end of the stick.

Do all the paperwork for you

Paperwork is not only boring for most but also complicated. The last thing you need (or potentially can) is to fill the required paperwork, but that’s part of the job of an accident attorney Atlanta GA and they would gladly do it for you.

Represent you in court

If the case is complex, there will most likely be an investigation and court hearings. For this, you will need not only legal advice, but also someone that will represent you in court and protect your interests in the process, a task that can be handled perfectly by an accident attorney Atlanta GA.

Manage your funds

Once the case is done and you’ve received your commission, the accident attorney can help you with the distribution of funds. They will take care of any liens, pay every side that was involved and cover distribute the payment adequately.


Make sure to hire an accident attorney Atlanta GA in the following cases:

There were injured people

If somebody was injured in the accident, there will most likely be an investigation on whose fault it is, how the event occurred and who needs to pay a compensation. This arises a need for every side to have an accident attorney by their side to give them the best shot for the case ending in their favor.

Someone died in the accident

When someone dies in an accident, the events take a whole new turn, and criminal charges might be placed as well. This means that in these types of cases, having an accident attorney Atlanta GA is not only recommended but also imminent.

There are a lot of medical bills

When you’ve been injured in an accident, your medical bills can be more what you can handle financially, for which you will need a compensation. Although hiring an accident attorney Atlanta GA may seem like an additional expense you don’t need at that moment, being without one can cost you even more.

It’s unknown whose fault it is

If the accident has no apparent proof of which person is at fault for it happening, then it would be a good idea to find yourself an accident attorney Atlanta GA. The case will most likely be settled in court, so you have to have someone to represent you and advise you on what the best course of action would be.

You’re feeling mistreated

If you think the police report is not representing the factual situation, or the insurance company is not willing to pay off what you deserve, then an accident attorney Atlanta GA can solve this issue for you. They can suggest what you can do in this case, conduct their own investigation on what really happened or negotiate with the insurance company so you can get the fair treatment you deserve.

Details are complicated (technical, legal, medical)

If there are many parties involved, the accident happened in a complicated place, the weather conditions were the cause or any other thing that arises more complications, it better to consult an accident attorney Atlanta GA. They can explain everything you need to know and advise you on what you need to do so you can be safe and your interests protected.


Having a to-do list after an accident is seemingly ridiculous, but it’s definitely recommended. The situation is such that creates a need to be prepared for anything, which requires doing certain stuff to protect yourself and your requirements, so your accident attorney Atlanta GA can look for your rights.

With that in mind, the following is your 4 step checklist after an accident:

1. Gather evidence from the scene

Any accident attorney Atlanta GA will tell you that the best thing to do right after an accident is to take evidence from the scene, and the easiest way to do that is by photographing it. Make sure you capture every angle, take close up photos or record a video of the scene. Although the police officers take their own photos, yours may provide a shred of new evidence that can turn the case in your favor.

2. Get checked by a medical professional

No matter how minor the accident was, there is always the chance of you experiencing pain afterward. You may not think or feel you need medical help immediately after an accident, but there might be something in your body that will cause permanent damage if left untreated. Even concussions and whiplashes can be painful and disabling, and you may start to feel the pain after a few days.

Additionally, your accident attorney can use these medical records to prove that you’ve indeed suffered an injury in the accident, whereas proving that without medical records would be almost impossible.

3. Report the accident to your insurance provider

Most insurance companies have rules for when you should report the accidents. This can range from a few hours to a few days, but if you don’t go as soon as possible, you take the risk of being declined coverage for your vehicle. Of course, there are cases when you’re unable to go immediately, but you can find someone to do it for you can call an insurance agent and inform them on what happened so they can record the accident and appraise the damage if needed.

4. Call an accident attorney Atlanta GA

Every country has their own regulations about accidents, including Georgia. Finding an accident attorney Atlanta GA as soon as possible is recommended for every person because they will not only give you legal advice but can also help you by providing medical professionals, financial advice and support until everything is finished.


When there were no injuries or big damage

If you or anyone else wasn’t injured in the accident, or the damage done to the vehicles is minimal, then an accident attorney Atlanta GA wouldn’t be needed because everything can be settled through the insurance provider.

The claim would be small

If the funds you would receive are minimal, an accident attorney Atlanta GA would not be recommended, since you would have to pay the attorney their fee and cover all other expenses, which may end up with you receiving even a smaller compensation, or in some cases, end up with more expenses than income.

When the coverage you received from the insurance company is fair

If you feel the insurance company has paid you a fair sum, an accident attorney is not needed, because of apparent reasons. You’re happy with the sum, and so is the insurance company, so there’s no need for additional dragging of the process.

If you’ve signed an agreement

Once you sign an agreement with any of the parties, an accident attorney Atlanta GA can’t do anything. The agreement is a legal document that has the ultimate power in a case, so once you’ve signed it, you’ve agreed to whatever is written on it, and it can’t be withdrawn.


Even a seemingly minor accident can result in serious injuries, let alone major ones. A great number of accidents in Atlanta GA result in some serious injury or death, events that are not only stressful but also life-changing. They come with a lot of stress, emotional and physical trauma, financial struggles and suffering, not only for the victim but also for the victim’s close ones. These effects are long-term and long-lasting, because recovering from an injury can take years, even decades, and during this whole time the bills keep piling up, giving you something else to worry about. The results are even more worrisome if the accident results in a disability that takes away the working ability of the victim.

We employ some of the best accident attorney Atlanta GA that can take this burden off your shoulders and fight to get the compensation you need, and rightfully deserve. We approach every case individually and tailor a strategy to fit the specific situation and circumstances of the individual, so we can get the best outcome for each one of our clients.

We have proven our professionalism and competence time and time again through thousands of successful cases. Accident attorney Atlanta GA always strives to bring the best outcome for our clients so they can get compensated not only for the injury they suffered, but also the additional stress they went through during the whole process. We will represent you in court, do all the negotiation, mediation and make sure you get the fair compensation you deserve.


Accident attorney Atlanta GA is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions, help you with your inquiries and explain the whole legal process that revolves around an accident and getting your compensation.

You can contact us through our website, via email or phone every day of the week. We would be happy and glad to offer you our services and give you the peace of mind you deserve after the unfortunate event you experienced.