What does an injury lawyer do and why you need one

The future is so unpredictable and as such it requires of us to be prepared for anything it might happen. One of those things is getting into an accident. Getting into an accident is not something anyone has on their to-do list, but it's definitely something everyone should expect to happen.

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If, and when an accident happens the most important person you will need by your side is an injury lawyer Atlanta GA. I know it may sound weird, but they can take so much of the burden off your shoulders, especially regarding your legal, financial and even psychological state. Keep reading if you want to find out more about injury lawyer Atlanta GA and what they do.


Injury lawyers have an array of services they offer to their clients that can range from advisory, legal and financial to medical and psychological. But because of the in-depth knowledge required for different types of accidents, injury lawyers Atlanta GA usually focus only on one accident type. This will give them the time needed to research a specific accident niche, as well as

Among other things, an injury lawyer Atlanta GA can provide you with the following services:

– Do a professional investigation

An accident has multiple people involved, not only the two sides involved in the accident and their attorneys. Many experts are called in to assess the damage, law officers to record the event, witnesses are interviewed and reconstruction experts called in to give their opinion on what happens and how much value it has.

If you have an injury lawyer Atlanta GA by your side, they might have their own panel of experts that do this for them and can make a more realistic judgment on what happened, and as a result, allow you and your injury lawyer Atlanta GA make an assessment on what you can get out of the legal process.

– Assess the damage

Victims don’t have the experience with accidents and might not realize that the effects of an accident can be long lasting, even though the injuries might last sort.

On the other hand, injury lawyers deal with these types of situations on a daily basis, so they know that many victims only look at the accident from their current point of view. In these cases, an injury lawyer Atlanta GA can do a better assessment of the effects and damage the accident might have (trauma, disability, financial instability, etc.) and tailor a strategy according to those expectations.

– Represent you in court

After suffering in an accident, you will probably be unable and unwilling to go to courts, fill in paperwork and spend additional energy on an already stressful process. That’s why the injury lawyer Atlanta GA is here. They will do all the “running around” because it’s their job to do so. They will represent you in court, investigate the matter more deeply, negotiate with the insurance companies, discuss with other lawyers and everything else that’s needed. This will save you a lot of time, money and nerves you’d otherwise spend in courts, meetings, insurance companies, and other institutions.

– Recommend a medical professional

Medical expenses can have a major impact on your finances, especially if the injury is more serious. And if you’re without any health insurance, the medical bills can drain your finances completely. Having an injury lawyer by your side can help you with these because in some cases, injury lawyer Atlanta GA have agreements with a medical professional that can help you with everything you need in exchange for a lien. You won’t have to worry about being financially unstable because of the medical bills and you’ll be allowed to pay them after the legal process is finished.

– Negotiate with the insurance company

Insurance companies will always try to find a way to pay you the smallest sum of money. And if you’re looking for a bigger sum on your own, the process might take years, a period of time when you’ll have to pay a lot of bills that can result in complete draining of your finances.

But, if you have an injury lawyer Atlanta GA, a person who has previously negotiated and knows how to do it most effectively, you can rest assured that you didn’t end up with the short end of the bargain or that you’ve received less than what you should’ve received.

– Help you with paperwork

There is so much complex paperwork that needs to be filled in in the event of an accident. Every situation requires a different document to be filled in, and when you get bombarded with a batch of paperwork, you might lose yourself in all of it. Plus, paperwork will be the last thing you would want to (and potentially can) do if you’re injured and this is where the injury lawyer Atlanta GA steps in.

A lawyer will help you do all the paperwork in a timely manner, so you won’t be delayed in delivering anything or forget to fill out something.

– Advise you

An injury lawyer Atlanta GA can give you some precious advice during the whole process of negotiation, mediation, and trial. They know what the best course of action is, what you should and shouldn’t do during this period, how to approach the case and can generally help you with reducing the bills.


While there are some cases when an injury lawyer Atlanta GA is not needed, most cases ask for you to have some professional help by your side. After all, lawyers are professionals that have dedicated many years to getting the proper education and obtaining the experience needed to be able to help in these types of cases. As such, they can do so much more for you than you’d be able to do on your own. And below are a few reasons why an injury lawyer Atlanta GA would be the best option for you.

– The number of accidents keeps increasing every year

The number of people that text while driving, drive under influence or generally drive irresponsible is bigger than it has ever been, which results in more accidents happening every year. Moreover, the seriousness of the accidents also increased, which means that everyone is in constant, unpredictable danger. So, even if you haven’t been in an accident, it’s good to do research to find out which injury lawyer Atlanta GA can help you in the event of an accident happening. That way you will have one less thing to think about if you got into an accident.

– Injury victims with an injury lawyer Atlanta GA get better compensation

According to the IRC (Insurance Research Council), people that hire an injury lawyer get 40% more compensation than those who don’t. This is because the lawyers are professionals that know what needs to be done and how to get the best results for the clients with minimum efforts, while people outside of the legal industry don’t know this.

As we said, not all accident requires you having an injury lawyer Atlanta GA, but you should definitely have one if you want to maximize your chances of getting better compensation.

– Insurance companies work for their best interest, not yours

Your insurance company will most likely offer you a settlement sum which might seem a pretty good deal for you. But let’s be realistic, insurance companies work for their interests, not yours. They will try to give you the least compensation so they can end up with a bigger profit, and you might not even know it.

This is why it’s crucial to have an injury lawyer Atlanta GA, especially in cases when you’re offered a settlement sum. The injury lawyer will know if the sum you’re offered is a fair one, and if it isn’t, advise you on which sum to go after, do the negotiations with the insurance company and overall get a more realistic result for every side of the agreement.

– There are multiple parties involved in the accident

In cases when multiple parties are involved, things can get complicated. One person might blame another one, that other one to blame you, you think you’re innocent and so on. To be able to defend yourself more effectively in these cases, as well as get the right compensation, you will need an injury lawyer Atlanta GA.

– Working without an injury lawyer Atlanta GA will cost you more

If you try and do everything on your own without a legal representative and without legal background knowledge, it may end up costing you more than you expected. The dispute might drag on for years, and you will have to cover all the legal expenses, court fees, paperwork, drive from one place to another, and so many other things that not only cost you money but also valuable time.

Injury lawyer Atlanta GA know when, and what needs to be done, so the whole process is shortened, and with it the expenses. And additionally, as we mentioned before, if you’re working on your own you might agree on a lesser settlement than what you can get with a lawyer which results in you losing more money.

– You need someone that has been through it

In the end, an injury lawyer Atlanta GA is a person that deals with these types of cases on a daily basis. They know every hole and every shortcut in the process, work with their own experts and professionals and can advise you every step of the process. They can not only bring you a bigger compensation but also save you precious time and minimize stress in those situations.


Even a seemingly minor accident can result in serious injuries, let alone major ones. A great number of accidents in Atlanta GA result in some serious injury or death, events that are not only stressful but also life-changing. They come with a lot of stress, emotional and physical trauma, financial struggles and suffering, not only for the victim but also for the victim’s close one. These effects are long-term and long-lasting, because recovering from an injury can take years, even decades, and during this whole time the bills keep piling up, giving you something else to worry about. The results are even more worrisome if the accident results in a disability that takes away the working ability of the victim.

We employ some of the best injury lawyer Atlanta GA that can take this burden off your shoulders and fight to get the compensation you need, and rightfully deserve. We approach every case individually and tailor a strategy to fit the specific situation and circumstances of the individual, so we can get the best outcome for each one of our clients.

We have proven our professionalism and competence time and time again through thousands of successful cases. Injury lawyer Atlanta GA always strives to bring the best outcome for our clients so they can get compensated not only for the injury they suffered but also the additional stress they went through during the whole process. We will represent you in court, do all the negotiation, mediation and make sure you get fair compensation.


Injury lawyer Atlanta GA is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions, help you with your inquiries and explain the whole legal process that revolves around an accident and getting your compensation.

You can contact us through our website, via email or phone every day of the week. We would be happy and glad to offer you our services and give you the peace of mind you deserve after the unfortunate event you experienced